Samsung set a goal to sell 500 million mobile phones in 2013 (cont)

( Cont )

Writen by Savvy – Vietnam software outsourcings

The goal of Samsung – a mobile development company in this year is higher than the number of nearly 420 million mobile sold last year. This information is based on the DigiTimes in Taiwan.

With our savvy, Samsung plans to produce 240 million mobiles in Vietnam, 170 million in China, 20 million in India and only 40 million in Korea. Combine with the saving purpose, Samsung says thay about 2,2 billion USD for their factories until 2020 to increase the productivity.

Different from the past, in 2013n Samsung doesn’t announce the accurate number of mobiles sold. This makes market researchers find it difficult to estimate the data of this mobile brand. However, according to PhoneArena, Samsung is focusing on the figure of the liquid crystal display providers to have the turnover of cheap and common devices. One of the providers is BOE of China, they said that they sell 10 million screens each month.

In PhoneArena, Samsung use LCD for common device, while they use AMOLED screen for the expensive one. This brand is using the screen of Sharp and Japan Display for the high- grade smartphone.


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