In the end of 2013 there will be 1 billion Android devices

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In the AllThingsD’s savvy recently, the Chairman Eric Schmidt of Google assumed confidently that.

AllThingsD quotes Eric Schmidt’s saying that with the appearance in 160 nations, 700.000 Andoroid Apps on Play Store and 1.5 million Android devices lauched per day, Android of Google plans an amazing mark in the end of 2013.

Android is said to be one of the most popular OS on smartphone now và Google has a plan that there will be 5 billion users of  Android all over the world in the future.

Now, Samsung is one of the top providers of Android devices. The analyzing people think that with the IT trend at the present, these devices will become cheaper in 2 year time.Moreove, the demand of the memory does not increase so the price will go down.

At the same time, a study of Gartner in April/2013 also has the same result with Eric Schmidt. However, the result of Gartner said that the Android of Google will achieve 1 billion devices  (including smartphones and tablets) in the world in 2014.

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Google Translate on Android translate languages without the Internet

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Google just updated the Translate App on Android, the most improvement of this app is ability to translate languages offline, Now you can enjoy a common translating app and Google Translate will translate even when your device has no connection. This ability is useful for you to travel abroad or anyone who doesn’t turn on 3G regularly. Google announces that total 50 languages supported offline. To use this app, you can choose Menu, select Offline Languages and choose languages you need. Now you can download this free Android App on Store, note that only from Android 2.3 can use it.

Some of Google Translate’s functions according to our savvy:

  • Support voice imput.
  • Support hand writings imput.
  • Allow to translate a  SMS
  • Take a photo of document to translate

Samsung set a goal to sell 500 million mobile phones in 2013 (cont)

( Cont )

Writen by Savvy – Vietnam software outsourcings

The goal of Samsung – a mobile development company in this year is higher than the number of nearly 420 million mobile sold last year. This information is based on the DigiTimes in Taiwan.

With our savvy, Samsung plans to produce 240 million mobiles in Vietnam, 170 million in China, 20 million in India and only 40 million in Korea. Combine with the saving purpose, Samsung says thay about 2,2 billion USD for their factories until 2020 to increase the productivity.

Different from the past, in 2013n Samsung doesn’t announce the accurate number of mobiles sold. This makes market researchers find it difficult to estimate the data of this mobile brand. However, according to PhoneArena, Samsung is focusing on the figure of the liquid crystal display providers to have the turnover of cheap and common devices. One of the providers is BOE of China, they said that they sell 10 million screens each month.

In PhoneArena, Samsung use LCD for common device, while they use AMOLED screen for the expensive one. This brand is using the screen of Sharp and Japan Display for the high- grade smartphone.

Facebook, Apple is considering about “free message app”


Many free message apps of many mobile development companies (Savvycom) like Viber, WhatsApp, and Kakao Talk worry many Apple, Facebook.

On Saturday,  Dijkland, a 23 year- old student in Holland, use an iPhone app called Line to text messages for his girlfriend.

Dijkland’s messages is one of hundreds million of messages that are sent through many free messages per day. These applications which are made by many mobile development companies includes Viber, WhatsApp, and KakaoTalk.

These free message apps lead to Facebook, Apple and many multinational telecommunications companies’ worrying because they do not have any money.

One of main money incomes of multinational telecommunications companies is messages on mobile phones. According to the study of Ovum, it is estimated that the increase of these apps, for example Skype is an iPhone app development, cause 23 billion USD looses from telecommunications companies

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